Honiley Road Solar Farm

We are proposing to develop a solar farm, and battery storage, on land east and west of Honiley Road (A4177), Honiley, Kenilworth, Warwickshire

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We have Listened

We had previously submitted plans for a larger solar farm to Warwick District Council and Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council last year. Having listened the opinions of local residents at the public consultation event in September 2021, reading the public consultation responses to the application, and reviewing comments made by statutory consultees, we felt it was appropriate to amend our proposals. As a result, we have significantly reduced the size of the scheme from approximately 106.23 hectares down to approximately 53.4 hectares – a 49.7% reduction in the proposed development area.

The revised scheme is equivalent to the electricity demands of approximately 6,000 homes each year of the proposed 40 year operational life, while also providing significant CO2 savings compared to generation of electricity by non- renewable sources. The equivalent saving of removing approximately 1,750 cars from the road each year.

The battery storage system will supply electricity to the local electricity network at times of peak energy demand and help make the renewable energy output of the solar farm a secure and reliable part of the UK energy supply. 


homes powered per year (equivalent)


cars taken off the road each year

The full planning applications are available for download here – W/21/2080 – Warwick District CouncilPL/2021/02992/PPFL – Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council

Public Information Event

You are invited to a Project Information Event for Honiley Road Solar Farm where you will be able to discuss with the development team what has changed with our application and to understand the amended proposal in more detail.

The event will be held on Friday 1st July from 2pm-7pm.

The venue for the event will be Wren Hall, School Lane, Wroxall, Warwick, CV35 7NF.

Download the flyer here

What are the features and benefits of the solar farm and battery storage facility?

The main benefits of the development proposed are summarised below:

  • It will assist Warwick District Council and Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council to urgently reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with local, national and international targets and its declared Climate Emergency to transition to a low carbon future.
  • Contribute towards the security of energy supply in Warwick District Council and Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council through the provision of significant amounts of local, competitive renewable energy.
  • The proposals provide an important opportunity to restore biodiversity connections and enhance footpaths that can be enjoyed by the local community.
  • No protected landscape, heritage or ecological designations will be adversely affected by the solar farm.
  • The solar farm allows intensively farmed agricultural soils to rest for the temporary period of operation (c. 40 years) and the land use can easily be reversed to agriculture at the end of the project life.
  • In addition to renewable energy production, the solar farm will significantly improve biodiversity by planting of wildflower grassland around the arrays; native species rich hedgerows along damaged field boundaries; new trees and scrub to improve species diversity and insect, bat and bird boxes to help local species including bees to thrive (visit www.solar-trade.org.uk/solar-farms).

Getting to net zero

The UK Government was the first national government in the world to declare a Climate Emergency in May 2019 and has set a legally binding target of Net Zero emissions by 2050 (relative to 1990 levels). At local levels many councils, including Warwick District Council and Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, have made their own similar declarations. 

Renewables now account for approximately 43% of UK electricity generation proving they are a very viable alternative to fossil fuels. However, to achieve our targets and tackle Climate Change we urgently require a rapid increase in the further deployment of renewables, including solar.


About Us

We are one of the UK’s leading developers of renewable energy projects. 

Our ambition is to use the latest solar technology to make a positive impact on our country and the communities we work with. We are firm advocates for renewable, low carbon, efficient, secure and sustainable energy that can be generated, stored and utilised locally. 

Our approach to subsidy-free renewable energy is assisting the country’s move towards a more secure renewable energy supply and accelerating progress to net zero.


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