Plannng consent achieved for three sites for energy generation and storage

Enso Energy, one of the UK’s most experienced energy developers, has reached a notable milestone this week with another three sites being awarded planning consent. The three sites, located near Newcastle upon Tyne, Aylesbury and Chesterfield add 110MW of new fast-response generation and storage capacity to Enso Energy’s development portfolio, taking the company to over 240MW of capacity developed, across 10 sites since November 2017.

The latest milestone coincides with the cold snap and snow falling across the South and South West, conditions that typically result in developments such as these being called upon to ensure that the UK’s increased electricity demands can be met.

“In a week of sub-zero temperatures and lots of snow, this is great news for the UK’s energy future,” said Andrew King, Managing Director. “Reaching over 240MW is an achievement we are extremely proud of and reflects our rigorous approach to site selection. With nuclear power faltering, these developments will continue to play a key role in the transformation of the electricity industry in the UK, providing fast response and flexible electricity supply, which supports the increased penetration of renewable energy supply to the UK’s energy mix”.

With a strong pipeline of sites, which will continue to be developed throughout 2019, Enso Energy remains focused on the development of distributed and renewable energy generation facilities that support National Grid in balancing the supply and demand of electricity to homes and businesses across the UK.

Enso Energy’s projects are supporting the transition of the UK’s electricity industry, providing a flexible, decentralised supply of electricity that can be called on at short notice to meet the energy needs of the country, at times when demand is high, and when supply may be constrained.