Project Timeline

Environment Impact Assessment Screening
Public Consultation

Undertaken in mid 2021.

Submission of Planning Application

The application was submitted to South Gloucestershire District Council and can be viewed HERE.

Assessment and Determination of Planning Application

The application was refused in January 2022 and can be viewed HERE.

Appeal of the Application

The application was modified and submitted for appeal in August 2022, the appeal can be viewed HERE.


Project Overview

Elm Solar Farm would provide renewable electricity for distribution to the National Grid via the substation at Iron Acton. This project would generate electricity each year of the proposed 35 years of operational life, while also providing significant CO2 savings when compared to generation of electricity by non-renewable sources.

The proposals include battery storage which will allow energy to be stored on site at times when grid-demand is lower and exported at times of higher demand to ensure no energy is ‘lost’ and help balance the National Grid.

The proposed battery development is designed to reinforce the National Grid by providing instantaneous energy balancing services. This is achieved by storing energy produced when demand is low or there is an over-supply, which can be distributed when demand increases.   

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