Project Timeline

Environment Impact Assessment Screening
Public Consultation
Submission of Planning Application

Submitted on 02/11/21 and can be found here.  

Assessment and Determination of Planning Application

Currently ongoing.


Expected Late 2024.


Project Overview

The proposed solar farm would provide renewable electricity for distribution to the National Grid Elstree Substation. This project will generate energy each year of the proposed 40 years of operational life, while also providing a substantial carbon dioxide savings when compared to generation of electricity by non-renewable sources.

The proposals include battery storage which will allow energy to be stored on site at times when grid-demand is lower and exported at times of higher demand to ensure no energy is ‘lost’ and help balance the National Grid 

In response to the feedback we received, we have updated the proposed design of the site to address a number of the issues raised. Where possible we have taken onboard the feedback and concerns of local residents and have made important changes. Notably we have reduced the area of solar panels on the site by 9.6 hectares or approximately 10% to increase the distance of the scheme from neighbouring properties. 

In addition to reducing the area of the panels, the new design also offers: 

  • Over 7.5ha of grassland and wildflower planting 
  • 6.5ha of low intervention skylark habitat 
  • 2ha of parkland 
  • 2 nature areas 
  • 0.7ha of orchard 
  • 430m of permissive path linking to the Hertfordshire Way 
  • 2.4km of green corridor 

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