Proposed development at Court Farm, Lower Woodford

We are aware of media interest at one of our proposed sites – Court Farm, Lower Woodford. As with any potential site that we put forward to planning we have followed an extensive process to determine that it meets the key features and parameters required for such a development. These include:

  • A viable connection to the existing electricity grid
  • Suitable land conditions and a relationship with a landowner who is willing and able to make land available
  • Consistency with planning policies and demonstration that environmental impacts have been assessed and will not prevent a planning application being approved.

In this instance, we have worked closely with Wiltshire Council throughout the application. Statutory consultees have assessed the surveys and reports prepared in support of the application and with the exception of the Parish Councils, all have confirmed they have no objection to the proposed development proceeding.

We respect everyone’s opinions in this matter and look forward to the planning committee’s consideration of the application at their meeting on 31 May 2018. With the Planning Officer’s report recommending approval, we have confidence in the planning system and believe the application is in a strong position to be approved.

Energy projects such as this will play a central role in the efforts to balance the supply and demand of the electricity network in the UK as we transition to a decentralised, lower carbon electricity supply. Battery storage is key to the long term success of renewable energy. Being able to store and release energy as it is required will enable the UK to increase our dependence upon renewable power, reducing our reliance upon traditional, carbon heavy, power generation.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss this project.