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Environment Impact Assessment Screening


Public Consultation
Submission of Planning Application
Assessment and Determination of Planning Application

Crabtree Lane Energy Hub will offer backup power and help stabilise the electricity grid by connecting to National Grid’s High Marnham Substation, thereby supplying electricity to the grid at times of peak energy demand and helping make renewable energy outputs a secure and reliable part of the UK energy supply. 

We need to make the best use of all available technologies and resources to achieve net zero by 2050. As the share of renewable energy generation increases, the ability to store and balance energy supply and demand will be essential to achieve a zero-carbon economy. 

According to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy around 30 GW of short duration storage and flexible demand may be needed by 2050.  

Due to technological advances in battery technology, renewable energy can now meet peaks in energy demand throughout the day. Battery storage provides an important role in decarbonising our energy system by storing energy and discharging it over periods of high demand when renewable sources may not be generating. 

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