Our vision

At Enso Energy we are making the idea of a country run on renewable energy a reality.

How we can help

We’re committed to developing renewable energy because we believe it’s the best way to address the cause of climate change. We’re helping the UK move closer to the day when it generates all its electricity from renewable energy.

Destructive, expensive, finite. Time is running out for fossil fuels. Renewable energy is our second chance. By making the most of our alternative natural resources we can:

  • Lead the world to a sustainable future
  • Secure our energy needs forever 
  • Reduce our reliance on imported fuel
  • Bring down the cost of energy 
  • Cut deaths caused by burning fossil fuels


Solar Capacity


Hectares of Enhanced Biodiversity Habitat


Laps of the Planet in an Electric Vehicle


New Hedgerow Planted

Our Partner

Cero Generation

Our joint venture partner, Cero Generation has a 25GW solar and battery storage portfolio, and identifies, develops, builds and operates utility scale projects across eight European countries.

Why solar

Solar is the cheapest and quickest way to get more renewable energy into our energy system. It’s a mature, reliable technology that delivers low cost energy as predictably as the sun rising every day. 4 Reasons Why
Climate change
Truly renewable

Here are five more reasons why we’re committed to developing solar:

1. Solar is a truly renewable (and free) source of energy

We can’t run out of it. At least until the sun runs out in around five billion years.

2. Solar farms are great for biodiversity

As solar farms are in place for 30-40 years and need little human involvement, they’re perfect places for long-term conservation initiatives. Think hedgerows and wildflower meadows and all the creatures that call them home.

3. Farmers can keep farming

Agriculture and solar farms can exist side by side, which is why you’ll often see sheep grazing amongst solar panels. Farmers can harvest sunlight as well as more traditional crops.

4. Solar farms are low maintenance

They quietly get on with the job of generating electricity year in, year out. And they clean themselves using rainfall. Less maintenance means lower costs and, ultimately, lower energy bills.

5. Solar farms support the rural economy

Farmers don’t have it easy. Those who lease their land for solar energy developments are more likely to be able to keep supporting the rural economy in the many ways they do already. Solar farms support the agricultural economy, they don’t replace it.

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If you have an idea or a land for a sustainable community based scheme or project, then please do let us know by getting in contact with us via the contact form.

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