Project Timeline

Environment Impact Assessment Screening
Public Consultation

held online on 25/02/2021.

Submission of Planning Application

Application was submitted to Thurrock County Council on 23/09/2021 and can be viewed here.

Assessment and Determination of Planning Application

Planning permission granted.


Expected in 2024.


Project Overview

The proposed solar farm would provide 49.9 MW of renewable electricity for distribution to the National Grid via the Rayleigh Substation. This project would have a proposed 40 years of operational life, while providing a substantial carbon dioxide savings when compared to generation of electricity by non-renewable sources.

The proposals include battery storage which will allow energy to be stored on site at times when grid-demand is lower and exported at times of higher demand to ensure no energy is ‘lost’ and help balance the National Grid.

The solar farm is to be comprised of over 134 hectares of land and will make a significant impact on national and local renewable energy targets. It will assist Thurrock Council to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with local, national and international targets and its declared Climate Emergency. As well as contribute towards the security of energy supply in Thurrock Council through the provision of local, competitive renewable energy supply.  

The panels at Fobbing will utilise an innovative tracking system, allowing the solar panels to track the sun from east to west, this increases electrical productivity by c. 20-25% when compared to traditional fixed solar arrays. They will also utilise bifacial modules which absorb irradiation from the front and rear side, generating c. 4% higher energy yield than mono-facial solar panels. 

No protected landscape, heritage or ecological designations will be affected by Fobbing solar farm. 

Construction will be complete in approximately 6 months. This will typically require 8 HGV deliveries to the site each day, which will not be routed through  local villages. 

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