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Adur Valley Solar Farm

We are proposing to develop a solar farm, and battery storage, on land at Huddlestone Farm, Horsham Road, Steyning, West Sussex.

We are in the early stages of developing our proposals at land at Huddlestone Farm, Steyning.

The proposed solar farm would provide renewable electricity for distribution to the National Grid. As a guide, this project would generate significant energy each year of the proposed 40 years of operational life, while also providing significant carbon dioxide savings when compared to generation of electricity by non-renewable sources. The proposals include battery storage which will allow energy to be stored on site at times when grid-demand is lower and exported at times of higher demand to ensure no energy is ‘lost’ and help balance the National Grid.

The Site and Proposal

The Site is located on land at Huddlestone Farm, Steyning, comprising approximately 85 hectares of land. While there are no statutory landscape, heritage or ecological designations on site, as part of our site surveys and further assessments we will be considering these matters carefully in developing our proposals for consultation.

The development forms a temporary (40 year) use of farmland that is easily reversed at the end of the operational life. A scheme of landscape and ecological improvements will be prepared to support the application, ensuring the project provides a biodiversity net gain.

Access to the site will be using existing access from the B2135.


The Benefits

The wider benefits of the development proposed, in addition to the contribution towards the security of energy supplies, are:

  • Assisting Horsham District Council to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with local, national and international targets and the declared Climate Emergency.
  • Making an important contribution to achieving legally binding national targets to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.
  • Contributing to the UK’s urgent need to transition to a low carbon future.
  • Payment of business rates once operational.
  • Providing a 40-year period in which the intensively farmed land can ‘rest’ while the onsite boundary vegetation is improved and maintained in accordance with a site-specific management plan.

Community Benefits

We believe that it’s right that the community closest to a solar farm is able to benefit from it. In addition we believe that the community itself is best placed to say what the community benefit should be. If you have an idea for a sustainable community based scheme or project, then please do let us know by getting in contact with us via the form at the bottom of this page.

Register your Views

If you would like to register your support for Adur Valley Solar Farm, please fill in your details in the form or

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