We develop renewable energy projects –

helping the UK lead the way to a low-carbon future and secure its energy needs in an uncertain world.

Record temperatures. Rising sea levels.

Floods, fires and failing crops. Climate change is real and it’s happening now. You can’t argue with the data.

But you can do something about it.

We develop renewable energy projects – helping the UK lead the way to a low-carbon future and secure its energy needs in an uncertain world.

For landowners, leasing land for a renewable energy development is an opportunity to earn a regular income. If you live in a community near one of our developments, learn more about our approach and the UK’s drive to Net Zero.

Working with communities

We work closely with communities during the development process. Here’s how. 

Choose suitable sites

We choose suitable sites and evaluate their impact thoroughly.

Understand your needs

We share our plans, invite questions and adapt to your needs.

Improve biodiversity

We create site-management schemes to help wildlife flourish

Community projects

We offer funding to support worthwhile community projects

A Case Study on Larks Green

Active projects

Our team is developing renewable energy sites across the UK. Check out our active projects below.